About this blog


My mission is to visit all the Waterstones branches in the world!

I’m a real book worm.  I love books and I love book shops.  I like independent book shops but I also love Waterstones (although I’m still cross about them dropping their apostrophe!).  I love the smell of Waterstones.  They have their own unique smell, I think. 

I also love (albeit to a lesser degree) spreadsheets.  What started off as a spreadsheet about Waterstones stores soon turned into the idea of the visits – and this site came about after I talked about my visits to my lovely Book Club friends.

It will take me many years to complete it – if I ever do.  Wish me luck! 

My lovely husband Peter accompanies me on most of my trips.  You’ll even see him in some of my photos – doing a Hitchcock!

All maps come from OpenStreetMap

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