Taunton – Saturday 19th August 2017

After leaving Yeovil we visited Taunton.  Taunton is the County town of Somerset (and home of Somerset Cricket Club) – the Waterstones here is in the old County Hotel and is rather nice inside (so as a result there are rather a lot of pictures…! )

Taunton 19.07.17 (1)

The ‘bird’ artwork is by Natalie Parsley – her website can be found here.

Taunton 19.07.17 (20)

After leaving Taunton we headed home through Cheddar Gorge.  It’s gorgeous, but rather touristy!  There are caves to visit – they’re owned and managed by Lord Bath’s son, who also manages Longleat, and as such are rather expensive – I haven’t been there yet, but people do say they’re worth it. 

2 thoughts on “Taunton – Saturday 19th August 2017”

    1. Yes – better than it being left empty. I like the Waterstones branches that are in interesting buildings. 🙂


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