Abergavenny – Saturday 23rd September 2017

After leaving Hereford we decided to head home via Wales, specifically Abergavenny, which is somewhere else we have never visited (this challenge is making us go to many, many towns we haven’t been to before!).  It’s a market town and considered a “Gateway to Wales”.  The Waterstones is a small, bright store in the High Street in the centre of the town.  As you would expect, the shelves are labeled in Welsh as well as English.

Abergavenny 23.09.17 (1)

Abergavenny 23.09.17 (8)

The Market Hall hosts several different types of market throughout the week.  On a Saturday it is what is known as the ‘Retail’ market, which was a mixed market containing second-hand stalls, food stalls and clothing and textiles.

We didn’t have long in Abergavenny as we had to head back home for an evening out, but from what we saw it seemed a nice town.

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