Hatchards, St Pancras – Monday 28th May 2018

This was our last day in London for the bank holiday weekend.  After spending time in Islington we walked to St Pancras Station. Inside is a branch of Hatchard’s, which is owned by Waterstones.  Perfect for grabbing a last-minute read before getting on a train!  

Hatchards 28.05.18 (1)

Hatchards 28.05.18 (15)

Even if you’re not heading off on a train, St Pancras is worth a visit. The building was designed by William Henry Barlow and was opened in October 1868.  It is gorgeous, both inside and out. 

The Outside of St Pancras. 

Isn’t it stunning!


And the inside

Sir John Betjeman Statue

In the 1960s, St Pancras was under threat of redevelopment – Betjeman was a very vocal opponent of the scheme, which was, thankfully, cancelled.  This statue by artist Martin Jennings is a tribute to Betjeman saving the station.

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