Tenterden – Wednesday 13th June 2018

After leaving Ashford we headed to Tenterden where the funeral was taking place.  Tenterden is a pretty town in the Weald of Kent, known as the Jewel in the Weald, and has a nice mix of chain stores and independent shops. 

We had an hour to spare before the funeral so stopped for a drink and a quick visit to the Waterstones.  What a fantastic shop!  It’s so quaint and quirky with small rooms and beams and even a fireplace!  I bought a book here, and started reading it in the car on the way back to Somerset!

Tenterden 13.06.18 (1)



Tenterden 13.06.18 (20)

A milestone, and one of those free kerbside Book Swaps. 

Tenterden book 1


Currently reading – The Walworth Beauty by Michèle Roberts

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