Orpington – Saturday 7th July 2018

I don’t know anything about Orpington (apart from the fact it has a breed of chicken named after it!) and despite having lived just half an hour away for the first 22 years of my life I don’t think I’ve visited before… and I still haven’t because this Waterstones is on an out-of-town open shopping complex (is it the only Waterstones of its type, I wonder? Time will tell!), so we didn’t get to see the town centre.

Orpington 07.07.18 (00)

Orpington map

Orpington Chickens!  (Black, buff and lavender!)

(Photos courtesy of Wikipedia)

2 thoughts on “Orpington – Saturday 7th July 2018”

    1. It can’t have been Borders as they ended in 2009 and this is a new development. 🙂

      Interesting re: the Edinburgh out-of-town branch. Not sure when we’ll get to Scotland but I am looking forward to seeing it when we do. 🙂


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