Bury St Edmunds, Arc Centre – Monday 9th July 2018

We had briefly stopped at Bury St Edmunds last year and liked the look of it, so decided to jump on a train and head back for the day.   There are two branches of Waterstones here – the first we visited is in an open-air shopping complex – it’s clearly quite new and has a very modern feel to it.  The Waterstones is lovely and light and airy.

Bury St Edmunds - Arc Centre (8)

One of the things we did was to visit the Abbey Grounds to look at the ruined abbey.  The grounds are lovely – there is a large grassed area where the ruins are, with a river (the Lark – I hadn’t heard of that river before) and then more formal gardens closer to St Edmundsbury Cathedral.  If I lived in this town, the Abbey Gardens would make a wonderful place to sit and read!

Abbot’s Bridge over the River Lark

Abbey ruins and formal gardens

I think this is a Little Egret…

Bury St Edmunds Abbey Gardens 09.07.18 (3)

Still reading – The New Woman by Charity Norman and listening to Knots and Crosses on Ian Rankin on Audio Book

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