Camberley – Saturday 25th August 2018

We stopped overnight in Camberley on our way to London for the late August bank holiday weekend. Although we wanted to get off early in the morning it would have been silly not to go to the Waterstones whist we were in the vicinity so we made a quick visit to the store after breakfast.

Camberley 25.08.18 (26)

Camberley 25.08.18 (40)

Camberley is well-known as being the location of the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and one of the entrances was opposite The Premier Inn where we stayed the night. Famous alumni include Princess William and Harry, chef Keith Floyd and musician James Blunt. 

‘The Right Way’

Rick Kirby’s sculpture, ‘The Right Way’, was installed in the town in 2009. Its purpose suggests that whichever way one goes in the town, they will not be disappointed, but as we didn’t have time to spend exploring I cannot agree or disagree with this statement!  Maybe we’ll return one day?

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