Kingston upon Thames – Sunday 26th August 2018

On the second day of our weekend away it rained.  A lot!  We therefore decided that rather than go into London again (as had been our plan) we would take advantage of our National Trust membership and go to visit the 17th-century house, Ham House and Garden in Richmond, where we could at least spend some of the time indoors!   The house was very enjoyable and we spent several hours there.  When we left it was still raining so we headed to Kingston upon Thames to visit the Waterstones in the indoor Bentall Shopping Centre.  Unfortunately due to the rain we didn’t explore any of the town so maybe next time we’re back in the area we’ll find the time to do so.

Kingston 26.08.18 (4)

Kingston 26.08.18 (22)

Below are some pictures of Ham House.  We would like to come back to see the gardens when it’s not raining as from what we saw they are extensive and look stunning. 

If anyone has read The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell (and if you haven’t, I recommend this atmospheric, historical novel) then they might be rather freaked out by the figure in the basement…!



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