Perth – Monday 1st July 2019

Our next stop, for three nights, was the gorgeous city of Perth.  It sits on the River Tay and, with its gorgeous architecture, it is easy to see why it is called the Fair City.  We spent the first day exploring the city which was once Scotland’s capital and thought it was really lovely.   The city is bordered by two parks, North Inch and South Inch and is quite compact so it’s fairly easy to explore in a day.  The Waterstones is on the edge of a modern shopping centre in the middle of the city and is on one level in an L-shape!

Perth Map

Perth City

Clockwise from top left:  West Street Bridge, The Black Watch Museum, St John’s Kirk (outside),  St John’s Kirk (inside)

Clockwise from top left: River Tay, The Capital Asset – now a Wetherspoons but formerly a branch of the Perth Savings Bank, Perth Museum & Art Gallery, Rodney Gardens

St Ninian’s Cathedral

We were told by one of the very helpful guides, was the first cathedral to be built in Britain after the Reformation ended in 1648!  It was finished in 1850 and is very attractive inside.  Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the photos I took of it so I have used one of the outside taken from Wikipedia, under their creative commons licence, which was uploaded by user ‘Kilnburn‘.   


Perth has a great sculpture trail.  Here are a small selection of those we spotted:

Nae Dae Sae Dark by David Annand (based on the poem by William Soutar)

Eagle of Perth by Shona Kinloch


The Fair Maid of Perth Graham Ibbeson (based on the titular character of a Sir Walter Scott novel)


Perth is a must-see for anyone visiting South East Scotland! 

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