Aberdeen – Wednesday 3rd July 2019

After leaving Dundee we headed up the coast, stopping in the pretty town of Stonehaven to take some photographs before ending up in Aberdeen, our destination for two nights. Aberdeen is sometimes referred to as the Granite City and it’s easy to see why when you first arrive in the city.  The grey buildings, which initially can seem rather stark, actually glitter in the sunlight and are an impressive sight.   The Waterstones here is in a modern shopping centre set over two floors. 

Aberdeen map.png



My friend Tracy lives in Aberdeen, so she picked me up in the evening and we went for dinner at a lovely hotel at Cove Bay and then she took me on a tour of Aberdeen, taking me to the Torry Battery which overlooks the harbour. We then went to the University of Aberdeen which was founded in 1495 – it’s a stunning campus, and finally we drove up to Balmedie to the north of the city.  Thanks, Tracy. Cheerful

The University of Aberdeen

Aberdeen – the Granite City

Aberdeen Old Town

2 thoughts on “Aberdeen – Wednesday 3rd July 2019”

  1. Glad to be able to show the city off to you Janet! 😀

    Some nice photos of Fitty there – its such a beautiful part of the city that we usually tell tourists to head down to see.


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