Wolverhampton – Thursday 27th May 2021

After our visit to the Red House Glass Cone museum, we popped to Wolverhampton for a late lunch.  Wolverhampton is a large market town in the West Midlands, which grew during the Industrial Revolution due to the wealth of minerals in the area and there is some interesting architecture if you look up.  The Waterstones is located in a modern building set over two floors. 


Wolverhampton map

Unfortunately we didn’t have long to spend at Wolverhampton – I would have loved to have visited the town’s art gallery, but sadly we ran out of time as we had to head to our hotel.  

After dinner we had a nice walk along part of the Wednesbury Old Canal known as the Balls Hill Branch Canal.  It was very pretty and we discovered that there was a tram station nearby which we would be able to use for our trip into Birmingham the following day.

Wolverhampton Art Gallery


Balls Hill Branch Canal

Currently reading: The Last Bookshop in London by Madeline Martin and A Snowfall of Silver by Laura Wood



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