Telford – Saturday 29th May 2021

Telford is a ‘planned’ town in Shropshire which was created in the 1960s and 70s and was built on commercial and agricultural land, with four small, local towns being merged into it.  It was built around a large shopping centre. In 2014 the town was further developed to provide extra night-time entertainment which was previously lacking.  The development, called Southwater includes restaurants, hotels, a bowling alley and a library.  There is also a large, fantastic award-winning park on the other side of the development. Telford Waterstones is located in the shopping centre.

Telford map

Blists Hill Victorian Town

Peter had booked us a trip to Blists Hill Victorian Town for my birthday.  The museum is located on a former industrial site, and the trades which included a brick works and coal and clay mines are still in evidence.  It also contains buildings that have either been relocated or recreated and include a pharmacy, post office, sweet shop and a school house and the staff wear Victorian costumes.  It was a very interesting visit, but due to Covid restrictions there was some waiting around before we could enter some of the buildings, and so we didn’t see everything, but it was definitely worth a visit.


Telford, and specifically the Southwater development, was a great place to stay to explore this area and we had a great time away.

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