Newcastle – Saturday 17th July 2021

We spent eight nights in Newcastle upon Tyne exploring the area, using the excellent public transport links where possible.  This was our second visit to this wonderful city, which we both love and feel at home in.  I think part of the reason is that we live close to Bristol, which is another great city, and the two places have a lot in common.  The Waterstones is located in an absolutely stunning building designed by Benjamin Simpson from architects Simpson, Lawson and Rayne in 1903 and was used by the company as offices, as well as housing shops and a restaurant.  It’s Art Nouveau building, on the outside, but sadly none of the inside features exist any longer.

Newcastle map

As I said in my Gateshead blog, the two places are linked by seven bridges across the River Wear.  These are Tyne Bridge, Gateshead Millennium Bridge, High Level Bridge, King Edward VII Bridge, Swing Bridge, Redheugh Bridge and the Queen Elizabeth II Metro Bridge.  Of these, my favourites are the iconic Tyne Bridge, the Millennium Bridge and the High Level Bridge, all of which we have walked over. 

Tyne Bridge

Millennium Bridge – the first picture shows the bridge when it has been tilted to allow a boat to pass under it.

Bridge and High Level Bridge

Grey’s Monument, Central Arcade and Grey Street – all in the area called Grainger Town

Newcastle University, Chinatown, View from the Castle – St Nicholas Cathedral on the left, Newcastle castle

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