Trowbridge – Friday 31st March 2023

Trowbridge is the county town of Wiltshire.  It has long been connected with textiles – as far back as the 14th Century the woollen trade was a prominent cottage industry, and the first mills appeared in the early 1800s.  The last to close was Salter’s Mill which shut its doors in 1982. The building was incorporated into a new shopping centre, The Shires, in which Trowbridge Museum is housed, as is the Waterstones.

Trowbridge 31.03 (1)

Trowbridge map

Trowbridge Town Hall

The town hall was built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887 and was also the local Magistrates Court, Coroner’s Court and County Court.  I’d visited Trowbridge with a friend, and we popped in to look at the building, and one of the staff members gave us a tour of the cells below the building.  The ballroom upstairs was used for dances, and, in the 1960s, The Who performed there!  Outside the town hall is a plaque to Sir Isaac Pitman, who developed Pitman Shorthand, and who was born in the town.

Wording for the plaque on Trowbridge Town Hall above reads:


Trowbridge plaque By Phil Williams, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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