Bristol Clifton – Sunday 26th March 2023

Clifton, sometimes styled as Clifton Village, is a suburb of the city and county of Bristol and is probably best known for its suspension bridge.  Clifton is one of our favourite parts of this wonderful city and we visit often.  Today we called in on our way home from having lunch out and walked across the bridge, calling in at the free visitor centre for the first time.

Afterwards we visited the Waterstones, which is located in a baroque-style building which was built as a private dwelling in the late 1800s.  The outside of the building is lovely.  Before Waterstones took it over, it was a branch of HSBC Bank.  Fortunately, a great deal of the interior remains untouched, although a lot of it is hidden by the bookshelves. 

Bristol Clifton map

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge has always been a toll bridge was designed by William Henry Barlow and John Hawkshaw, but based on an earlier design by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. It opened on 8 December 1864 and today carries about 10,000 vehicles a day! 

Clifton Village