London – Harrow – Saturday 11th December 2021

We were having a weekend in west London which was postponed from May.  We had plans in central London, but there was to be a tube strike, so we decided not to risk it.  Instead we got the bus from Ealing to Harrow. From there we walked up to Harrow on the Hill, location of the famous Harrow public school.  It was a very pretty area, but nothing much was open as the shops were all geared to the school.   The area is the site of the first recorded motor accident in Great Britain!  The Waterstones in Harrow is located in a busy pedestrian area in the centre of the town.


Harrow map

Harrow on the Hill

‘Skipping Katie’ Statue

This statue, unveiled in 2004, is located at the end of the pedestrian shopping area.  Created by sculptor James Butler, it was inspired by him watching his daughter skip.

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