Stirling – Sunday 30th June 2019

After our trip to the Falkirk Wheel we stopped briefly at a parkland area called The Helix in order to take a photograph of the Kelpies, the largest horse statues in the world!  They were designed by sculptor Andy Scott and stand an impressive 30 metres high. They are an homage to the horse powered heritage of Scotland and dominate the nearby skyline!

After this we headed to Stirling to visit the Waterstones – we didn’t have long there as it was now late afternoon so we just had time to visit the shop, which is based in a modern shopping centre, and then to have a quick drive around the town.  We visited Stirling way back in 1992 and spent the day at the castle, which we very much enjoyed.  Had we had enough time we would have gone back today.


Stirling map

The Kelpies