Woking – Saturday 7th July 2018

Woking is a small town in Surrey, and its most famous resident must surely be H G Wells.  Although the author only lived in the town for about a year, he wrote several books there, including arguably his most famous novel, The War of the Worlds – it’s a great book and well worth a read!  The Waterstones here is in the Peacocks Shopping Centre.

Woking 07.07.18 (1)

Woking 07.07.18 (21)

The town is quite rightly proud of H G Wells.  There are several statues of his work and one of him, as well as a town trail (which I would have liked to do, but sadly we didn’t have time). 

Martian Tripod and Capsule

Wells’ house on Maybury Road

The photo below was taken on a previous trip through Woking.  The statue was installed in 2016 and was sculpted by artist Wesley Harland.  I believe it has moved to a new location since our last visit.

Woking 07.07.18 (13)

I have just realised that whilst trying to catch up on posts I m currently drinking coffee from my (subliminally chosen…?) ‘H G Tunbridge Wells’ mug!