Bradford Pop-up Store – Sunday 9th July 2017

We arrived in Bradford during the last couple of hours of their Literature Festival – quite by chance we stumbled upon a pop-up Waterstones.  It was a beautiful day and the City Park (definitely worth a visit) was packed with people enjoying the sunshine by splashing in the Mirror Pool!

The outside of the pop-up shop was covered with book quotes from authors including William Goldman, J M Barrie, Neil Gaiman, P L Travers, C S Lewis and J B Priestley to name but a few.  The inside was very hot!

Bradford pop-up 09.07.17 (1)

Bradford pop-up 09.07.17 (6)

Bradford pop-up 09.07.17 (8)

Obviously this pop-up store isn’t there any more, but it’s worth visiting the park anyway!

Bradford pop-up 09.07.17 (1)







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