Bradford – Sunday 9th July 2017

After leaving Swansea on the Sunday, I met Peter at Bristol Parkway where we headed off to Bradford for the start of our holiday in Yorkshire. We weren’t sure what to expect of Bradford, but it was the perfect base for the areas we wanted to visit (including the Brontë Parsonage at Haworth and Oakworth Station which featured in the 1970s adaptation of The Railway Children) and we were pleasantly surprised with the city.

The Waterstones here is in the Wool Exchange – a stunning gothic-style building, completed in 1867. 

Bradford 09.07.17 (2)

Bradford 09.07.17 (16)

Bradford 09.07.17 (8)

Bradford 09.07.17 (9)

Bradford 09.07.17 (12)

Bradford 09.07.17 (14)

Bradford 09.07.17 (11)

Isn’t it wonderful?!

I took loads of pictures at Haworth and Oakworth, but I will resist posting them all! 

Here are three – the first is the parsonage where Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne lived with their father. 


The second relates to a project to recreate the missing manuscript of Wuthering Heights – each visitor who chooses to participate gets to write one line from the book – mine, from chapter 18, reads ” ‘Come, come!’ I repeated. ‘I’ll tie the ribbon. Now, let…” – and to keep the pencil used.  Eventually the book will be bound and displayed at the museum.


The final one shows Oakworth Station.  Daddy!  My daddy…!


Still reading Spectacles by Sue Perkins and also listening to an audio version of The Lewis Man by Peter May in the car. This is the second book in the Lewis Trilogy – we really enjoyed the first. 

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