Manchester Deansgate – Wednesday 12th July 2017

The second store in Manchester is much larger than the one in the Arndale – and much grander!   The store’s website informs me that Deansgate is “the biggest bookshop in the North of England”.  It has rooms off the main building with sign-boards above the door and stocks over 80,000 books!  I particularly loved the colourful children’s department and the funky cafe (sadly no time for a cuppa). 

Manchester Deansgate 12.07.17 (1)
Side View
Manchester Deansgate 12.07.17 (18)
Manchster Deansgate 12.07.17 (17)

Manchester Deansgate 12.07.17 (22)

Manchester Deansgate 12.07.17 (25)
Children’s Department (isn’t it funky?!)
Manchester Deansgate 12.07.17 (29)
The Cafe’s quite funky too!

Manchester Deansgate 12.07.17 (30)

Manchester Deansgate 12.07.17 (31)

We were going to have a meal in the Printworks which is, as the name suggests, the site of a former newspaper publisher, but as our friend couldn’t make it we went back to our hotel.   It’s an area we love though, so here’s a photo from our visit in 2014!


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