Leeds – Thursday 13th July 2017

Our holiday continued with a visit to Leeds by train from Bradford. We visited Leeds in 2012 but didn’t really explore the city in depth.  This time we did quite a bit of walking – the art gallery we wanted to go into was closed for refurbishment, but as the weather was so lovely we decided to stay mostly outside.  We visited the wonderful Kirkgate Market (it recently featured on the news as one of the stalls was selling an item of pork that might be more suited to a bush-tucker trial…) and also the Marks and Spencer Archive which is free and well worth a visit.  It’s a little way out of the town, being situated in part of the University campus, but very interesting and worth the walk.

The Waterstones in Leeds is a large store set over three floors and according to their website is Yorkshire’s largest book shop.  I left Peter having a coffee here whilst I went to snap some shots and buy some postcards.  I know it’s a bit old-fashioned now but I love sending them! 

Leeds 13.07.17 (3)

Leeds 13.07.17 (1)

The photographs below are from the County Arcade in the Victoria Quarter and the Kirkgate Market.



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