Buxton Pop-up Store – Friday 14th July 2017

On the next leg of our trip to Sheffield we planned to stop at Eyam, also known as the Plague Village.  We decided to stretch our legs at Buxton on the way.   We walked up to the Opera House and found a pop-up Waterstones which was there as part of the Buxton Festival.  As you can imagine it was very small… and rather cramped! 

Buxton Pop-up store 14.07.17

Buxton Pop-up store 14.07.17 (2)

Buxton Pop-up store 14.07.17 (4)

Buxton Pop-up store 14.07.17 (7)

After leaving Buxton we did indeed stop at Eyam.   We visited the National Trust property and then went into the church.  We didn’t have time to explore the whole village and would like to go back.  The villagers, suffering from an outbreak of plague, took the decision to quarantine themselves to stop the plague from spreading.  Their selfless actions meant that they achieved their aim of containing the disease, but at the end of the outbreak the population had shrunk from 350 to 83.  More people died in Eyam than in the whole of London.

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