Bristol The Galleries – Saturday 5th August 2017

Bristol is one of our closest cities so we often visit this branch of Waterstones (they do the best carrot cake in the world!). Bristol is a fab city (the 10th largest in the UK) – the Waterstones here is in a shopping centre called The Galleries, which opened in 1991.  It is rather dated now, but seemed like the height of sophistication at the time!!

Bristol 05.08.17 (1)
Entrance on Union Street
Bristol 05.08.17 (2)
Entrance inside The Galleries

We visited a couple of secondhand bookshops in St Nicholas’ Market on this trip – it’s a great market with loads of stalls inside and out (including lots of food stands) and definitely worth a visit.  

Bristol 05.08.17 26 (26)

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