Cardiff – Saturday 12th August 2017

My friend Tracy (ironically from Aberdeen – some 500+ miles away from the city!) told me that the Poppy Exhibition that is travelling round the UK would be in Cardiff Bay during August and September, so we decided to head to Cardiff for a visit.

The Waterstones here is in the city centre and set over two floors.  It has a lovely cafe upstairs – the Welsh cakes (well, when in Wales…) are delicious! Cardiff is a great city – lots of lovely arcades, and of course, its very own castle!

Cardiff 12.08.17 (1 )

The illustrator Chris Riddell has drawn a picture on the wall of the landing on the stairs!

Cardiff s 12.08.17 (6)

Cardiff 12.08.17 (19)

After leaving the city centre we went to Cardiff Bay to see the Poppies which were stunning. They were on the side of the Welsh Assembly building.  Cardiff Bay is gorgeous – a definite must when visiting the city.

Cardiff x 12.08.17 (5)
The Welsh Assembly

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