Garrick Street, London – Sunday 27th August

Before heading back to our hotel in Ealing, we went to Covent Garden.  This is one of our favourite parts of London (although there are so many!).  The Waterstones here is like a Tardis – bigger inside than out!  According to their website there are three entrances.  We only found… and therefore I only photographed… two – oh well, we’ll just have to go back…! 

Just look at the outside – gorgeous! 

The ‘I Darcy’ Bag is following me – I saw it in Dorking too.  Perhaps it’s a sign… 

Garrick Street 27.08.17 (17)

Garrick Street 27.08.17 (9)

After leaving here we stopped at Standford’s Travel and Map Bookshop – it’s a great shop, and is worth a visit for the floor in the basement alone! 

Stanfords, Covent Garden 27.08.17 (3)


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