Chatham – Tuesday 31st October 2017

I stayed in the South East for a few days with friends and decided to visit Rochester one day whilst they were at work, as it’s a city I really love.  Actually, I don’t think it’s a city any longer due to the forgetting to renew their city status, but either way it holds fond memories for me – it’s the place I had my first ever job!  As there is a Waterstone’s in Chatham, which is the next town on, I decided to get off the bus there and then walk back into Rochester once I’d taken my photographs.

Chatham Waterstones is in a modern building over two floors. 

Chatham 31.10 (2)

Chatham 31.10 (10)

They have a sign for the children’s section with a missing apostrophe!  That’s not very good for a book shop!

Chatham 31.10 (4)


I enjoyed my trip to Rochester.  It’s such a lovely city with a cathedral and a castle, and many links to Dickens who lived there as a boy. Happy memories.

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