Islington – Saturday 4th November 2017

After leaving my friends in Kent I went to stay with my friend Debi in London.  She’s one of those friends whom I don’t see very often, but we just pick up where we left off.   Here we are aged about 7/8!

Bay City Rollers

Debi took me to lots of different parts of London that I had not been to before, including The Barbican Complex, built in the architectural style known as ‘Brutalist’ and also to Islington, where I, of course, made a visit to Waterstones.  This branch is situated on the site of an old Music Hall, Collins’.  It’s a lovely building, although only the façade is original, the building having been destroyed by fire in 1935.

Islington 04.11.17 (1)

Islington 04.11.17 (18)


I thought Islington was a lovely part of London.  I will definitely go back with Peter at some stage to explore further.

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