Doncaster – Friday 8th December 2017

We stopped for a late lunch in Doncaster on our way to our  next hotel – it’s not a town I had been to before.  The Waterstones is in a large shopping centre on two levels (I forgot to take a photo of the outside upstairs!).  Doncaster is famous for hosting the St Leger horse race and being the location of the invention of butterscotch!

Doncaster 08.12.17 (1)

I’m pretty certain the Doncaster artwork behind the tills in this shop is done by the same artist who did the one in the Newport branch. 

Doncaster 08.12.17 (8)

Doncaster 08.12.17 (9)

After lunch I stopped to take a photograph of the Mansion House, a Doncaster Council building, which sadly was not open to the public on the day we visited  – we would have liked to have looked round inside.


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