Newport, Gwent – Sunday 2nd July 2017

We went to Newport in Gwent specifically to climb the transporter bridge!  Last September we walked across the one in Middlesbrough (as recommended by Stuart Maconie in his book Pies and Prejudice) so thought we’d try this one nearer to home and it seemed the perfect opportunity to visit another Waterstones!  I don’t actually like heights, so wasn’t sure if I’d manage, but was determined to try.

The Waterstones is in a beautiful building.  According to the member of staff on duty this branch used to be an Ottakar’s book shop.  It has a gorgeous dragon mural behind the cash desk from those days. It’s not a very big store but has a really nice feel about it.  I have contacted the store and they told me that the dragon was done by Chris Burke.

Newport Gwent 02.07.17 (1)

Newport Gwent 02.07.17 (7)

Newport Gwent 02.07.17 (5)

Newport Gwent 02.07.17 (1)

As for the bridge climb…

I managed it!  It was pretty scary as the platform is not filled in like the one in Middlesbrough  I was quite proud of myself at the end!

Still reading the same books as the previous day’s trip to Southampton. 


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