Hatchards, Piccadilly – Saturday 16th December 2017

Hatchards was founded by John Hatchard in 1797 and is the oldest bookshop in the UK.  It changed hands in 1956 when it was bought by Collins and then again in 1990 to a company that was later acquired by Waterstones.  The store still trades under the name of Hatchards. It has three royal warrants – by appointment to The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales.  The Royal Horticultural Society was formed here in 1804.

It is a fantastic store, spread over five floors!  We spent ages in here and, had I been on my own, I would probably have stayed longer!   As a result, there are lots of photos, for which I apologise!

Hatchards, Piccadilly 16.12.17 (1)


Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Royal Warrants

Plaque commemorating the Foundation of the Royal Horticultural Society

Hatchards, Piccadilly 16.12.17 (24)

I was listening to The Chessmen by Peter May on Audio Book.  The third part of the Lewis Trilogy.



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