Exeter, High Street – Thursday 28th December 2017

This branch of Waterstones has two entrances – one on the High Street and the other opposite the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter which, amongst other things, boasts the world’s longest vaulted ceiling and is well worth a visit.  The Waterstones building (from the High Street side) is lovely – it was formerly a cafe, part of  chain called Deller’s and appears to have operated as such until the 1970s.



The basement, ground and mezzanine floors are really cozy – by contrast, the first floor seems rather stark…


Exeter High Street

Exeter Cathedral


Exeter also has a quayside which is worth a visit.  It is not used for shipping any longer, but instead is now used for leisure and there are quite a few places to eat and drink.  There is also a visitor centre – The Custom House (shown here on the left).


Goodbye Exeter – as ever, we had a great time.  See you again!

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