Exeter, Roman Gate – Thursday 28th December 2017

Exeter, county town of Devon, is one of our favourite English cities and only about an hour and 40 minutes away from home.  We had a few days here between Christmas and New Year.  There are two branches of Waterstones in Exeter – this one is in a modern building and is set over three floors.  As Exeter is a university town, it was nice to see a notice in the shop saying there is a new study area on the top floor!

Exeter 252 High Street 28.12.17 (2)

Exeter 252 High Street 28.12.17 (15).png

At the opposite end of town from this branch is the West Quarter of Exeter, which has some particularly beautiful buildings, including the church of St Mary’s Steps, complete with a beautiful timepiece known as the ‘Matthew the Miller Clock’. 

Opposite the church sits ‘The House that Moved‘ – which was saved from a slum clearance and moved – in once piece – round the corner from where it originally sat!  You can see a video of the move here.

Exeter 252 5

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