Brentwood – Wednesday 24th October 2018

Peter dropped me at Brentwood on his way to his next appointment so I had a few hours wandering round this small town.  The Waterstones here is in an attractive building but I haven’t been able to find out anything about its original use.   It has a cosy feel inside and the two staff members I spoke to were both very friendly.

Brentwood 24.10.18 (2)

Brentwood map

Brentwood has a Catholic cathedral which I would have like to have looked round, but there was nothing in the lobby to say whether it was permissible to go inside, and when I peered through the inner door I could see a small group of musicians inside rehearsing, so I didn’t go in.

I came across this…


Which after Googling I have discovered is the Brentwood Column and was designed to celebrate the town’s heritage – it would have been useful if they had some information by it for non-locals!  After stopping for coffee in M&S I just had time to pop into Brentwood’s independent book shop ‘Chicken and Frog’ (great name – I don’t know where it comes from) before meeting up with Peter to head to our next destination. 

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