Romford – Wednesday 24th October 2018

Peter had to go to see some customers in the south east so I went along with him.  We stayed in Essex overnight so I was able to do a couple of branches of Waterstones.   The first was in Romford – the store here is in a modern shopping centre and set over two floors. 

Romford map

Romford holds an open air market three days a week.  It is one of the UK’s oldest markets, having been granted a charter by Henry VIII in 1247. 

Behind the market is the Anglican parish Church dedicated to Edward the Confessor (confusingly there is a Catholic church of the same name in Romford!) – it has a couple of beautiful, modern, stained glass windows but sadly I haven’t been able to find out any information about them.

Currently reading Keep You By My Side by Callie Langridge and listening to The Black Book (Rebus #5) by Ian Rankin


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