Ormskirk – Friday 28th December 2018

We stopped in Ormskirk for lunch (a great little bar/restaurant called Mimi & Gin – sadly they don’t have a website but the place was funky and the food excellent) on our way back to our hotel.  According to Wikipedia, Ormskirk is known for its gingerbread, although we didn’t notice any evidence of this on our visit!  It’s a fairly compact market town with the usual mix of shops and restaurants.  We didn’t spend a great deal of time in the town but did make time to visit the Waterstones, which is in a modern building close to the centre of the town. 

ormskirk 28.11.18 (2)

ormskirk map

Town Centre

Once done, we headed back to the hotel via the Mersey Gateway (toll) Bridge.  I may seem bonkers, but I have a bit of a thing for bridges!  😀

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