Chester – Saturday 29th December 2018

Chester is a great city, with lots of gorgeous black and white buildings – a few mediaeval, most Victorian restorations – and a stunning cathedral.  Founded in Roman times, Chester has an almost complete set of city walls, great for walking round on a warm day (which we have done in the past).  The Waterstones here is in ‘The Rows’.  The Rows are a bit difficult to describe, but are essentially two storeys of shops, the top ones accessed by a continuous high pathway and the lower level are slightly underground!

chester 29.12.18 (1c)

chester map

Some of Chester’s beautiful buildings

Eastgate Clock

The Eastgate tower and clock stand on the site of the original Roman entrance to the city. The clock is thought to be the second-most photographed clock in the UK after the clock at the Palace of Westminster (popularly known as Big Ben).  This gateway was built in 1768 and the clock was added in 1899 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee two years earlier.

I love the old-fashioned sign outside WH Smith!


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