Leamington Spa – Tuesday 28th May 2019

Royal Leamington Spa is a Regency town in Warwickshire, which was given its royal title by Queen Victoria in 1838.  We only had time for a quick look round (and lunch in Las Iguanas!) before heading home after our long weekend away so we would like to go back.  From what we saw it looked nice, and reminded us a little of Bath, another Spa town and our nearest large city.  The Waterstones here is on the outside edge of a modern shopping centre.  Upstairs there are large windows giving it a bright, airy feel.

Leamington Spa map

The following beautiful building is the Town Hall.  I have had a look online but I cannot find any information about whether it is open to the public to look round.  I’d love to know what it looks like inside!

How cute is this art installation by Philippa Downes?!  It was commissioned to honour local elephant trainer Sam Lockhart.  He lived in Leamington Spa with his troupe of elephants – these three known as The Three Graces show his most famous ones – Wilhelmina, Trilby and Haddie.

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