Walsall – Friday 28th June 2019

We stopped in Walsall overnight on our way on our holiday to the north of England and Scotland and popped into the town for breakfast before heading on our way.  Although probably best known for the leather trade, Walsall was known locally as ‘The town of 100 trades’ and saw large growth in the 1800s.   We hadn’t visited before and thought it seemed a nice town, although we didn’t have long to explore.  The Waterstones is located in a modern building in the town centre.

Walsall 28.06.19 (2)

Walsall map

The statue below commemorates Dorothy Wyndlow Pattison, known as Sister Dora, who was born in Yorkshire but moved to Walsall in 1865 and nursed there for many years. This is thought to be the first ever statue of a woman who was not of royal descent.


The Source of Ingenuity fountain by artist Tom Lomax which represents the Roman god of time, Janus sits in the centre of the Walsall market area.  It’s a little bit creepy, I think!

The Victorian Arcade building   

The Lloyds Bank building (the beehive was the bank’s symbol at one stage) and  Walsall’s canal area, which has undergone extensive renovation.

Currently reading: Cogheart by Peter Bunzl and  listening to The Way of All Flesh by Parry Ambrose

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