Lancaster Corn Market – Saturday 29th June 2019

I decided to ‘Click and Collect’ a book whilst I was Lancaster as they are often a pound or two cheaper this way.  In doing so I discovered that there were not one, but two branches of Waterstones here, which was lucky, as otherwise we would possibly have missed it!  Not that returning would be a problem as we really liked Lancaster, but there are so many others places to visit.  The Waterstones here is in a beautiful building underneath the Royal Hotel, which was originally built in the 1620s, and rebuilt in 1879 following a devastating fire.  Dickens stayed here a couple of times in the late 19th century.  I’m afraid there will be rather a lot of photos, and the side view is looking from a pub window…

Ground floor


Lancaster Waterstones King Street

Photos below

1st RowThe Judges’ Lodgings Museum – built around 1625 it is Lancaster’s oldest town house. 2nd RowLancaster Central Library.  This beautiful building was built in 1932, although I think it looks older. 3rd Row – Pic 1Lancaster Central LibraryPics 2 and 3Lancaster Town Hall opened in 1909 and replaced the original town hall which is now the Market Place Museum. 

Lancaster Views!



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