Dunfermline – Tuesday 2nd July 2019

Our final stop on our way back to Perth was Dunfermline – another former capital of Scotland.  The body of Robert the Bruce is interred in Dunfermline Abbey (his heart is buried at Montrose Abbey and his internal organs at Dumbarton!), and the Abbey bears the words ‘King Robert the Bruce’ around the top of the tower.  The Waterstones here is in a modern shopping centre called Kingsgate.  Above the shopping centre door is a tablet that commemorates the Great Fire of Dunfermline in 1624 which destroyed 66% of the town.


Dunfermline map.png

Dunfermline Abbey

Dunfermline Palace (in the Abbey grounds)

Town Centre

2 thoughts on “Dunfermline – Tuesday 2nd July 2019”

  1. You’ve probably seen more of Dunfermline than I have! I don’t think I have ever been in the town centre itself, as East End Park is on the outskirts of Dunfermline and the other places I’ve visited there have been on the outskirts too.


    1. We went into one park (just past the Abbey) but there was a man ranting loudly and abusively at anyone who walked past him (he was either drunk or drugged, I think) so we left again in a hurry!


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