Livingston – Tuesday 2nd July 2019

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to visit the iconic Forth Rail Bridge (officially this one is just called the Forth Bridge, but nearly everyone I’ve spoken to about it adds the word ‘rail’!), so we headed across the Firth of Forth on one of the two road bridges to go to South Queensferry where you get the best views.   Whilst we were that side of the river we carried on to the shopping centre at Livingston to visit the Waterstones, since it’s in the middle of a vast retail park and not somewhere we are ever likely to have visited otherwise.  Set over two floors, the shop has a large glass frontage and is modern and airy.


Livingston map

The shopping centre has an amazing feature – HiRide – which is an assault course 13 metres above the ground!  I’d love to be brave enough to give it a try.

Queensferry (sometimes referred to as South Queensferry to distinguish it from North Queensferry on the other side of the river) is a pretty town to the north west of Edinburgh, and is the perfect spot to view the bridge from.  After all the years of wanting to visit it didn’t disappoint, and  I took a lot of photos of the bridge – here are just a small selection…!

Queensferry High Street

(Queensferry sign above used under creative commons licence from Wikipedia.  Photo credit Kim Traynor)

5 thoughts on “Livingston – Tuesday 2nd July 2019”

  1. When you were in Kirkaldy, you should have taken the train across the bridge to South Queensferry to experience going over the Forth Rail Bridge (and yes, we use the rail so folk know its that one you are talking about rather than the Forth Road Bridge). No photos of the 3 bridges? Or is that to come in another part?


    1. We didn’t have time to get a train this time. 🙂 We are planning to have a trip over it when we visit Edinburgh some time. 🙂

      I didn’t get a decent photo of the three bridges, unfortunately.


      1. The Queensferry was still under construction when we did the Forth boat cruise but would be good to re-do that trip to get the photos now of the 3 bridges.


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