Brighton – Saturday 28th December 2019

Brighton is bigger than its sister town of Hove, and whilst it still has that carefree, laidback feel it is also a town with a party atmosphere, so it comes as no surprise that Brighton was the location of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 when Abba won with their song, Waterloo!  Two of Brighton’s biggest landmarks are the Pier and the Royal Pavilion.  Having walked back from Hove we stopped off at the Waterstones, which is located in an old building that was originally a Burton’s clothing store – the name is etched into the top of the building.

Brighton map

Brighton Palace Pier

The Brighton Palace Pier, which dates from 1899, was the third pier to be constructed in Brighton. It was built to replace the Chain Pier, which had collapsed in 1896 during construction! The Palace Pier is now the only functioning pier in Brighton since the third one, the Brighton West Pier, was destroyed by fire in 2003.

The West Pier


Brighton Royal Pavilion

Brighton Royal Pavilion was built as a pleasure palace between 1787 and 1822 for the then Prince Regent, George IV, and after his death both William IV and then Queen Victoria lived there, but it wasn’t really to Victoria’s taste and so was sold to the town of Brighton for £50,000 in 1850.  I don’t know whether it is lit up all year round, or whether it was just for Christmas, but the building looks stunning at night!

Various Brighton shots

It’s fair to say we love Brighton!


2 thoughts on “Brighton – Saturday 28th December 2019”

  1. Wow at the colour of the palace at night – very spectacular!

    You’d think they’d pull what’s left of that pier down, looks very weird just seeing the metal bits in the water like that.


    1. We loved Brighton and agree that the Palace looks amaaing. The old pier is still a tourist attraction, Tracy – despite its looks it is photograph a great deal. I quite like it myself, but I can understand why it’s not to everyone’s taste. 🙂


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