Leicester Fosse Park – Saturday 10th July 2021

We stopped in Leicestershire overnight on our way to the North East for our holiday, so before heading off in the morning we popped to the Fosse Park Shopping Centre just outside Leicester where there is a Waterstones located inside the Next store – the first of this kind, I believe.  I like this concept and would be happy if they did more shops like this.

Leicester Fosse Park map

Although we didn’t have very long here, I did photograph a few of the Fosse Park Foxes from the sculpture trail.  The foxes are as a result of a competition for designs that show what Leicestershire means to the various artists chosen.   I particularly liked the one dedicated to Alice Hawkins, who was a leading figure in the Suffrage movement in Leicestershire.

Currently reading: Aftermath (Inspector Banks #12) by Peter Robinson

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