Middlesbrough – Saturday 10th July 2021

After an overnight stay in Beverley in East Yorkshire on the Saturday night to have dinner with family we headed towards Newcastle which was to be our ‘home’ for the next eight nights.  On our way we stopped at Middlesbrough.  We had been to the town a few years before in order to visit the Tees Transporter Bridge, so we didn’t spend a lot of time here today – just long enough to visit the Waterstones, which is located in Captain Cook Square in the heart of the town.

Middlesbrough map

Transporter Bridge

The photos below were taken on our previous visit.   We booked a trip to walk across the top of the Bridge after I read about it in Stuart Maconie’s book Pies and Prejudice . It was a brilliant experience and one I would definitely recommend, but unfortunately it’s closed at the moment due to health and safety concerns.   


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