London Victoria – Friday 23rd July 2021

On the last day of our holiday, Peter went off to do a track day which our son had bought him for Christmas, so I hopped on the train from Horsham where we were staying and headed to London to meet a friend who I was supposed to meet in March last year, just as Coronavirus was taking off!  We spent the day catching up and walked from Victoria to Shakespeare’s Globe on the South Bank. 

On our walk we went through Green Park where there were 100 elephant sculptures, which were part of the CoExistance Campaign which raised £3 million for human-wildlife coexistence projects.  It was the last day of them being on public display together, so I was lucky to see them.  On our way back to the train station we visited the Waterstones at Victoria, which opened in 2019 in a modern shopping centre.

London Victoria - 23.07.21 (1)

London Victoria map

The CoExistance Elephants

“Scenes in the Square”

The statues below are part of a trail in Leicester Square called Scenes in the Park.  We didn’t take time to find them all, but I think they’re there for a while, so I may take another look when we go to this part of London again later this year.  

Below clockwise from top left are Harry Potter, Gene Kelly in Singing’ in the Rain, and Mary Poppins!

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