Bournemouth Castlepoint – Saturday 7th August 2021

We went to Dorset to visit family for lunch in their favourite restaurant as we hadn’t seen them since 2019 due to Coronavirus, so it was lovely to catch up with them.   We were very close to Castlepoint, which is a modern out-of-town shopping centre, so there isn’t much else there, but we stopped off to visit the Waterstones on our way home. 


Bournemouth Castlepoint map

Christchurch Priory

We didn’t have time to visit anything local in this area on this occasion, but we have visited Christchurch town centre before, which is only were only about 3½ miles from Castlepoint, and the photos below were taken on that occasion.  Christchurch Priory is one of the longest churches in the country, and contains a memorial to the poet Shelley.   Shelley’s wife Mary Wollstonecraft is buried in a nearby church, together with her husband’s heart.  This large memorial was offered to that church by Shelley’s son, but they rejected it as being too large! 


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