London Wandsworth – Saturday 16th April 2022

Whilst walking across Wandsworth Common we spotted a building in the distance so diverted to take a look at it.  We thought it might have been a big church and were hoping to go inside, but when we got there we discovered it was a building called the Royal Victoria Patriotic Building.  Built in the mid-19th century, it was originally used as an “asylum for girls orphaned during the Crimean War” – despite the use of the word asylum, this was actually a school.  It now contains flats, some small businesses and a restaurant called Le Gothique.  After taking a couple of photos we headed to the Wandsworth branch of Waterstones, which is located inside the Southside Shopping Centre.

Wandsworth 16.04.22 (1)

Wandsworth map

The Royal Victoria Patriotic Building

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