London Putney – Saturday 16th April 2022

After Wandsworth we walked down to the River Thames and then to Putney to visit the Waterstones, which is located in a modern shopping centre.  After that we walked to Barnes for lunch, which is a pretty part of London with a village feel.  From there we hopped on a bus, hoping to see the Taskmaster House (from the Dave/Channel 4 comedy panel show), but sadly it was blocked off, so we could only glimpse a bit of it!

Putney 16.04.22 (4)

Putney map

The sculpture pictured below, located in Wandsworth Park next to the Thames, is called Pygmalion by sculptor Alan Thornhill and was installed in 2008.  Apparently it’s one of nine sculptures along this stretch of the river, but we didn’t spot any of the others.  It has no explanation as the artist wanted people to put their own interpretation on it. 

Taskmaster House

Putney 16.04.22 (10)

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